Worldwide Distillers S.A. supports DINSA’s activities and specializes in the production of premium spirits. DINSA, based in Madrid, was founded in 1983. With over thirty years of experience, our business is financially independent. While also promoting responsible drinking, DINSA specializes in the import and national distribution of high-class spirit brands that are well respected for excellence in their home markets. Today, these high-quality brands can be enjoyed in Spain as well.

In addition to supporting DINSA’s activities, W.W.Distillers also focusses on creativity and service. The company ethos is to discover and create new top brands. To us, quality spirits represent culture and tradition. Our committed staff work on innovative projects, delivering the best results and unsurpassed value to all who participate, including our esteemed customers.

Our aim is to delight the customer with a drink that he or she can really appreciate and fully enjoy with all senses – a superior whisky, gin or vodka which is not only of the finest quality, but also exclusively presented.