Evolution Bison Grass vodka, the product of a Polish tradition dating back to the fourteenth century, is made from wheat and potato. Its aroma and distinctive taste come from delicious bison grass, also known as żubrówka or hierochloe odorata, which typically grows throughout forests with bison along the border of eastern Poland and Belarus. Many people have faith in this herb’s exceptional medicinal properties. This makes Bison Grass a unique product, requiring very precise production processing parameters and supervision by specialists.

Distillation is repeated five times and filtering four, to give the spirit a crisp, clean texture of exceptional quality. It is presented in a bottle containing an extract of bison grass and is a premium drink with a pleasant aroma and fresh notes, leaving a clean aftertaste. A vodka with great character, Bison Grass can be drunk chilled or used as a basis for cocktails. It is internationally recognized and has won awards on the world stage over recent years, including the 2007 prize for best-flavoured vodka.